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Ministries and Services

What to Expect

If this is your first time attending First Baptist Church, our goal is to greet you with kindness. You do not need to feel like you have dress a certain way or look a certain way. People from every demographic are welcome at our church regardless of age, ethnic background, religious background, or financial position. We want everyone to come and learn about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and enter into a covenantal relationship with Him!

Our music incorporates well-known older hymns as well as some modern hymns. The goal in all of our music is to offer worship and praise to our God.

Our pastor preaches from the King James translation, but you are welcome to bring whatever Bible you have available to you. If you do not have a Bible, we would be happy to give one to you as our special gift. 

Nursery Ministry

We offer nursery at every regularly scheduled service. We have two nurseries, one for infants and one-year-olds, and one for children who are 2-3. Both nurseries are staffed by women who will gently care for your little children. Each nursery is stocked with age appropriate toys and playthings, and everything is carefully cleaned after every service. 

Ministry to Children

We offer weekly ministries to children that seek to consistently teach them the Bible and introduce then to Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, we offer Sunday School for ages 3-5, 1st-3rd Grade, and 4th-6th Grade. Ages 3-3rd grade are also able to attend Children's Church during the Morning Service.

Wednesday Night is our big Children's Ministry night. From 6:45-8:00pm the children participate in our King's Kids and Explorers programs. Here children will play games, memorize verses, and spend time exploring Biblical ideas.

Once a year, we offer Vacation Bible School, which gives the children an opportunity to gather during the summer and have an exciting time with colorful sets, exciting games, and engaging instruction from the Bible. 

We also offer the opportunity for the children in 3rd-6th grade to go to Church Camp. Recently we have been partnering with Camp Cobeac, and the young people have greatly enjoyed their time there.

Ministry to Teens

We also offer weekly and yearly ministries to teenagers as we seek to build on what they learned as children and begin to introduce them to deeper ideas from the Bible. 

On Sunday we have a special Sunday School class for teenagers. This class teaches more than just Bible stories, it is an intentional time of searching the Scriptures in search of meaningful truths that will form the basis of their adult lives. 

On Wednesday nights the teens have a youth group night where they play some games, have some snacks, and have a more casual time studying the Bible and discussing what they are learning.

During the summer, the teens usually do two special events: Christian Camp and a Youth Event. We partner with Camp Cobeac. Our special Youth Events vary, depending on what is available each year.  

Bus Ministry

We love people, and we want people to experience the relationship with Christ that we enjoy. Sometimes distance or transportation can be a hinderance to that goal, so we offer a church van and bus ministry to help people safely get to church. We pick up people in and around Colchester, as well as in Macomb. The vans and buses run on both Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening.

If you would like a ride, please contact the church through Facebook, and we will make sure you are picked up.

The vans and busses pick up in Macomb around 9:00am on Sunday Morning and 6:30pm on Wednesday evening. If the route is busy, it may be a little earlier than that. 

The vans that run in and near Colchester are usually about the same time, or maybe a few minutes later. 

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